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A French Cat for Sporty Cruisers

This 40-footer will suit families who want to sail quickly from port to port

Competition is fierce in the world of catamarans, so to stay in the game, a builder has to stake out market territory. Nautitech Catamarans is laying claim to that segment of multihull devotees interested in the sailing as well as the apres-sail aspects of cruising. Telling first impressions of the Nautitech 40 are the fine-entry, high-freeboard bows and the twin steering stations, one on the stern of each hull.

On the water in Miami, twin 29-horsepower Volvo saildrives provided typical cat agility for maneuvering around the marina, but we learned quickly not to be shy when applying power to counter the effect of a locally gusty crosswind on the high freeboard. Motoring out of Government Cut into the eye of the wind, the boat was un-fazed by the mix of tide rip and boat wakes.

If the sun gets too hot, the skipper can flick on the autopilot and enjoy shade and good visibility in the Nautitech's cockpit.

Under sail, the helm stations came into their own, giving the helmsman wind-on-the-face input to back up the instruments. Sailing upwind in a fluky, light southeasterly breeze, we saw steady speeds above 6 knots with bursts to over 7 in the puffs. The tacking angle was about 100 degrees, limited by the sheeting angle of the genoa, but with fixed shoal-draft keels, footing off is likely more profitable than pinching anyway.

The long, deck-mounted traveler per

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