Arriving stern first

When arriving stern first, reverse the yacht into the wind or tide, to help stop the boat and swing the bow toward the pontoon. The crew should secure the stern line first, then the bow line.

IThe helmsman reverses the boat slowly toward the pontoon, taking into account the effects of propwalkto help position the boat as desired.

2 The helmsman brings the stern close enough so that one crew can step (not jump) on to the pontoon with the coiled stern line, which is secured to a cleat on deck.

3 The crew secures the stern line (passing through the fairlead) to hold the stern in place. This rope is also long enough to be used as a as a spring, led to the midpoint of the yacht.

4 making sure the line is passed under the guard rails and through the fairlead, the crew on board throws the bow line to the crew ashore, who secures it to a cleat or bollard.


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