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Rig designs 46 Hulls and keel design 48 Anatomy of a dinghy 50 Anatomy of a yacht 52 Dinghy wear 54 Cruiser wear 56 Footwear and accessories 58 safety equipment 62

Chapter Three learning to sail

Wind and sail 66 side forces and leeway 68 Points of sailing 72 Basic maneuvers 74

Using the rudder 76

sail trim 78 Trimming the boat 80 Rules of the road 84 Ropework 86 Basic knots 88

Chapter Four sailing a dinghy

Types of dinghy 94 Types of keelboat 96 Rigging a two-handed dinghy 98 Rigging a single-handed dinghy 104 Launching from a beach 110 Returning to a beach 112 Launching and landing solo 114 The roles of helmsman and crew 116 sailing upwind 118 Tacking a dinghy 120 sailing downwind 122

Jibing a dinghy 124 simple capsize drill 126 inverted capsize drill 128 Rigging a spinnaker 130

sailing with a spinnaker 132 simple trapezing 136 Advanced trapezing 138 Introduction to catamarans 140

Catamaran launching and landing142 sailing a catamaran 146 Tacking and jibing a catamaran 148 Catamaran capsize 150 Dinghy racing 152 Dinghy racing courses 154 small keelboats 156 Mooring a dinghy 162 Packing up a dinghy 164 storing and transporting a dinghy 166 Dinghy maintenance 168

contents (continued

Chapter Five sailing A YACHT

Modern cruising yachts 172 Choosing a yacht 174 Crew roles 176 Hoisting the mainsail 180 Dropping the mainsail 182 Managing the headsail 184 Reducing sail 186 Crew comfort and safety 188 Using the engine 190 Maneuvering under power 192 steering a course 194 sailing to windward and tacking 196 sailing downwind 198 Hoisting the spinnaker 200

Jibing and stowing a spinnaker 202 Mooring techniques 206 Mooring alongside: stern first 208 Mooring alongside: bow first 210 Berthing stern-to and bow-on 212 Choosing an anchorage 214

Anchoring techniques 216 tenders 218 Living aboard 220

Chapter six weather

Importance of weather 226 Weather charts 228 Weather indicators 230 Planning for weather 232

Chapter seven NAVIGATION

What is navigation? 236 Understanding charts 238 Electronic navigation 240

Tides 242 Distance and direction

Position and course 246 Buoyage and pilotage 248

Chapter Eight sailing safely safety basics 252 Communication 254 Radio procedures 256 sailing in poor visibility

Rough weather procedures 260 Man overboard drill 262

First aid 264 Emergencies on board 268 Abandoning ship 272


Maine 276 Leeward Islands 278 Windward Islands 280 Cuba 281 Rio de Janeiro Coast 282 The Azores 283 Lofoten Islands 284 Kiel and the Danish Islands 285 Cornwall 286 Brittany 287 Balearics and Costa

Brava 288 Southern Italy 289 Corsica and Sardinia 290 Dalmatian Coast 291 Ionian Islands 292 Gulf of Gökova 294 Cape Town Area 295

Seychelles 296 Langkawi 297 Phuket 298 Tonga 300 Fiji 301 Whitsunday Islands 302 Bay of Islands 303 Sea of Cortez 304 Isla Chiloe 305


The America's Cup 308 Chicago-Mackinac Race 310 Key West Race Week 311

Bermuda Race 312 Antigua Sailing Week 313 Route du Rhum 314 Tour de France à la Voile 315 Vendée Globe 316 Transat Jacques Vabre 318

South Atlantic Race 319 Fastnet Race 320 Cowes Week 322 Gotland Runt 324 Velux 5 Oceans 325 Kiel Week 326

Copa del Rey 327 Les Voiles de Saint-

Tropez 328 Giraglia Race 329 Middle Sea Race 330 Auckland-Suva Race 331 Melbourne-Osaka 332 Sydney-Hobart 333 Transpac Race 334 Newport to Ensenada

Race 335 Volvo Ocean Race 336 Olympic Racing 338

Glossary 340 Useful Resources 344

Index 345 Acknowledgments 351

MANY PEOPLE talk about moments that change their life, sometimes people experience something that changes their thinking, their perspective and lifestyle, and even take a new direction.

This can happen at any time in your life, but for me, I was just four. I stepped onboard the deck of a boat, it was my first time on the water and it was to be an experience that would change my life forever.


Ellen MacArthur's trimaran Castorama/B&Q is seen here during her record-breaking solo voyage around the world, which she completed on February 7, 2005, in 71 days 14 hours and 18 minutes.

sailing is an amazing sport for several reasons: firstly it is one of the few sports in the world where men and women can compete on an equal footing; secondly, it is a sport that encourages you to continually learn. i have been sailing since i was four years old and professionally for over ten years, but i know that i still have room to improve and more to learn, not only from my own experiences


Born in Derbyshire, England, Ellen MacArthur acquired her first sailing skills in a Topper dinghy, bought out of her own pocket money. She is now an internationally renowned yachtswoman.

but the experience of others as well. For me sailing is a passion that I have had ever since i can remember; being out on the water gave me a sensation of adventure and excitement that i had never felt before. it is this excitement that fueled my dedication to the sport of sailing.

The world of professional sailing encompasses that of solo offshore sailors, who race across the most desolate and vast oceans of our planet, to that of fully crewed boats racing at record-breaking speeds. the diversity of the hardware is extensive, from the elegant and powerful



/. * ^



Dinghies and keelboats (such as those pictured above) make a perfect introduction to sailing. Dinghy sailing is also a major international competitive sport.

America's cup boats that go head to head in a battle of tactics, to the grand prix dinghy and the growing keelboat sector. But there is also another side, the day cruising, the weekend family trips, and the days when you just head out and see where the wind and tides take you! sailing really does offer something for everyone, a different boat for every level of ability, and every level of participation, whether just cruising or racing at some major regattas on the other side of the world.

Everyone finds their own place; for some the ride is a little rougher than others. one of the questions I am most frequently asked. what is life like out there for months alone, in some of the harshest environments on earth? The only way I have found to explain this is to imagine driving a car, fast, off-road at night in lashing rain, without headlights! You're forced to hang onto the steering wheel just to stay in your seat, and you have no idea what's coming next. To make matters worse, you have no windshield and no roof. The wind is screaming in your ears, the spray burning your eyes. That's how it feels sailing fast in the southern ocean at night. Although there are many elements in sailing that are beyond our control, to me this is what is the source of the excitement and the challenges that I have not found elsewhere. sailing can be seen as a complicated sport, inaccessible to many, but it is certainly not all about the yacht clubs and expensive boats. It is about getting out on the water, experiencing the natural world from another perspective, discovering a sense of freedom, and hopefully a feeling of achievement from what you have done. sailing can teach so many great life experiences, teamwork, determination in the face of adversity, commitment, and, more than anything, confidence in the choices you make. at the Ellen Macarthur trust we take young people suffering from cancer and leukemia sailing.


Yacht racing has for over a century gripped the imagination of sailors throughout the world. Sailing races such as those held at Key West, Florida (pictured right), provide a superb opportunity for experienced competitive sailors as well as eager newcomers to vie for glory.


They are facing the biggest challenge of their life, yet they do it with so much courage. sailing with them is truly inspiring; they take on a new environment and discipline they have never encountered before and embrace it with a passion and excitement that can't help but change your own perspective on life. These sailing trips offer them a brief escape from the trials of their everyday lives, and enjoying time on the water, no matter what the conditions, lifts their spirits more than we ever hoped for.

After nearly 10 years of professional sailing, I continue to be grateful for the opportunities this sport has given me. There are always new challenges to be had, from records and races, to new technology and design, and the challenges on land to making these projects a reality. In every race and every record, you strive to do better and

Sailing is a sport that attracts people of all ages. It also provides unrivaled opportunities for families to share the same recreational activity. Here a father and son enjoy a fun outing in a Sunfish dinghy.

to learn in a way that will bring more knowledge and understanding of this great sport and the environment in which we race. with passion, drive, hard work, and loyal support, you soon realize that anything is possible.

For everyone who hasn't tried sailing, I hope these pages open up a whole world of possibilities. i hope this book inspires people to learn even more about this amazing sport, to pass this knowledge on to others and inspire the next generation of sailors. i hope you enjoy this book, and i wish you every success out on the water. if you don't try, you'll never know!


Ellen MacArthur

Offshore Challenges Sailing Team

History of sailing

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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