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Individual artisans around the world have done much to keep alive the spirit of local sailing-boat design. Mud and sand both act as good preservers of timber, allowing many neglected old working craft to be rescued and become renovation projects for modern boat enthusiasts. If you acquire an old boat, building and maintaining it will be part of the fun. So, small cargo-carrying coasters or river craft, fishing boats, and lifeboats have all become part of the leisure-sailing fleet.

In addition, as a generation of old, oceangoing sailing ships went out of commercial use, some were saved and have been restored as sail-training vessels, primarily for young people. There are now approximately 300 sail-training vessels in the world, ranging from old to newly built and from small yachts to the mighty, four-masted Russian barques, Sedov and Kruzenshtern. each about 380 ft (115 m) long and dating from the last days of commercial sail in the 1920s. Rallies and races among these tall sailing ships sometimes cover thousands of miles. They give many people the opportunity to experience the thrills and hardships of going to sea as well as creating fellowship among crews and across nations.



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