Record Speed

Atlantic was a three-masted 187-ft (60-m) schooner. A record that endured 75 years was the remarkable feat of a time of 12 days 4 hours in the Transatlantic Race of 1905. There were few or no design rules for the race, though propellers were removed. Atlantic, designed by William Gardner and built in steel by Townsend and Downey, carried

18,500 sq ft (1719 sq m) of sail. Some of her success was attributable to skipper Charlie Barr, a Scot and three-time America's Cup winning skipper for the Americans. In one 24-hour passage Atlantic clocked an astonishing distance of 341 nautical miles (642 km).

It took until 1980 and the legendary French yachtsman Eric Tabarly's hydrofoil trimaran, Paul Ricard, for Atlantic's time to be bettered, in 10 days, 5 hours. Since then, Phocea crossed in 8 days, 3 hours (1988) and Nicorette in 11 days, 13 hours, and 22 minutes (1996). Robert Miller's giant 144-ft (44-m) schooner Mari Cha III set the current record of 6 days, 17 hours, and 52 minutes in 2003.


Two months after defending the 1903 America's Cup, this notable craft was sold for scrap. But for nearly 100 years, Reliance held the record as the world's largest sloop.

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