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While the wind is free, inland water may be privately owned, which means you may need to pay, obtain permission, or join a club to go sailing, with fees for mooring or launching your boat. Sailing does not necessarily require large expanses of water. Dinghy sailors— particularly those who enjoy regular racing—can pursue their sport on tiny reservoirs and narrow rivers. Any surrounding hills or trees that interrupt the wind can be turned to the sailor's advantage, with shifts in wind strength and direction adding a tactical element.

Bigger stretches of inland water provide opportunities for sailing faster and further, with the potential for yacht cruising in wonderful places. For variety and interest, seek out new and different locations. Dinghies are easy to carry on a


Dinghies are ideal for sailing in all kinds of waters, from inland lakes and narow rivers to open coastal locations. They are also easily portable.

car roof-rack or trailer and you can tow small "trailer-sailer" yachts. Sailing on rivers is also enjoyable, but it is best suited to dinghies if the river is narrow or shallow. Watch out for changeable depths, downstream currents, and tidal flow if you are close to the sea.

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