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It was during the 1960s that the record-breaking began. England's Francis Chichester challenged preconceptions about what was possible in terms of time and distance in 1966—67. Chichester made only one stop on a voyage from Plymouth and back via Sydney, which took a total of 226 days in the 54-ft (16.4-m) Gypsy Moth IV. Alex Rose, also British, set off soon after Chichester returned. He stopped twice in the 36-ft (10.9-m) Lively Lady and was slower than Chichester. Frenchman Alain Colas was much faster: his St. Malo—Sydney—St.

Malo voyage took 168 days and was the first in a multihull, the 67-ft (20.4-m) Manurewa.

Briton Robin Knox-Johnston was the first to make a solo nonstop passage, taking 313 days in his 32-ft (9.7-m) ketch Suhali. He was


Inexperienced Harry Pidgeon built his own 34-ft (10.3-m) yawl Islander and set off in 1921 to circle the globe alone. Returning in 1925, he repeated the feat in 1932-37.


After 107 days at sea, Francis Chichester reached Sydney, Australia. This was the only stop in his solo circumnavigation, proving that one person could be self-sufficient for extended periods.

one of nine starters in the 1968/69 Golden Globe race; only two others completed the course.

While these voyages utilized the eastabout route, proven over the centuries by trading ships to make best use of the prevailing winds and currents, British paratrooper Chay Blyth was successful in going "the wrong way around" the prevailing westerlies. His British Steel took 293 days in 1970-71.

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