Making Up a Mooring

Our own choice is to lie to a single rode, perhaps with double anchors as already discussed. However, in some areas multi-anchor systems are a requirement due to nearby vessels and lack of swinging room.

In this case the ideal situation is to have three anchors set, coming together in a single point mooring. This means that you always have the wind pulling almost directly back on one of the anchors—or if not, at least the angle between the two closest anchors is not that great.

This calls for an anchor swivel which should be rated at one-and-a-half times the breaking strength of the chain.

As the security of your vessel depends on this swivel, don't take the seller's word for the breaking strength. Get the part number, and then check with the manufacturer.

If you are going to make up a multi-anchor mooring for long-term use, all of the rodes should come together in a single point (see detail below). In this drawing two anchors are shown on chain and a third stern anchor on rope. The loose line shown on the anchor in the lower left corner is to help with retrieval later on.

A heavy-duty swivel is then shackled to the three rodes. This is used for the pennants between the three anchor rodes and the bow of the boat. The swivel allows the boat to rotate among the anchors without fouling or twisting the rodes.

These anchors are oriented for southwest-to-northwest gales, assuming that the strongest winds would be from the northwest, after the passage of a cold front.

For this scenario the heaviest anchor (the Bruce) is situated to the northwest, while the second bow anchor (the CQR) is oriented to the southwest. The stern hook (Danforth) is to the southeast.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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