Sun Angle

The best visibility is with the sun moderately high and over your shoulder. The sun's declination (its position relative to the equator) must be considered as well.

If the sun is on your latitude in the morning, you'll be able to see well to the west, with the sunlight beaming from the east, and the reverse in the afternoon.

Visibility to the west will be best about 2 1/2 hours after sunrise until an hour before the sun is directly overhead. Very low sun angles can be used, but they're good only for narrow directions of viewing.

The question of visibility is a little more complicated when the sun is north or south of your position. If the sun is north of you 15-degrees or so, you'll have good visibility to the south; the opposite is true if the sun is to your south. If you're making a short journey, you can pick the optimum time to transit based on

proper sun position during the day. But on a longer trek you '11 have to figure out ahead of time where the sun will be at any time and factor in any course changes that will affect your viewing angle.

Other factors to consider when making longer journeys are the reliability of your speed under sail or power, and the possibility of intermediate stopping points should a delay occur or visibility be lost.

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