Domestics of a Passage

In the previous chapter we considered the navigational aspects of passagemaking. Of almost equal importance are the domestic arrangements made for the welfare of the ship's people, who will see her through whatever may betide. If they are not properly looked after, they will fail in their duties, be they masters or cabin boys, just as surely as an engine will stop if its fuel filters clog up. The skipper must therefore consider his crew at all times, and this emphatically includes himself, because if he should become sick, tired or otherwise inefficient, everybody suffers as a direct result. Navigation is important, looking to the sail combination helps a great deal, but thought for the 'hands' should never be far from the skipper's mind.

This subject divides conveniently into five main subheadings: food, sleep, warmth, space and seasickness. The importance each adopts on a particular passage will depend upon conditions, upon whether it be night or day, and on the overall length of the trip between ports.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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