The most important items for crew morale are food and drink. Whatever horrors are coming to pass, if the team know that they will be fed and watered appctisingly and on time, you are at least half-way to a happy ship - and a happy ship is usually an efficient ship. The galley should be set up so as to make this requirement realistic to fulfil. On passages of more than 12 hours, this becomes vital, but even with poor cooking arrangements, there are certain precautions which can be taken to make the cook's life (if cook there be) more tolerable:

• For a short, daytime passage that promises to be rough, make up some solid sandwiches before you slip your mooring.

• Always cook a serious stew, chilli, curry, or whatever suits your tastes, before setting out on an overnight passage. Ideally, this should be left on the stove clamped up in the pressure cooker. Then a hot meal is guaranteed, even if the boat is standing on her ends and volunteers for the galley are 100% absent.

• Keep the tea and coffee coming, and don't go mad washing up the mugs in bad

Keep the food coming...

weather. Each person should have their own, clearly labelled, so that you only need commit them to the suds if you are feeling virtuous and conditions make the sink an attractive proposition.

• Small boats' crews are well served by the provision of thermos flasks containing drinks or hot soup.

• Keep plenty of instant food handy. Biscuits, cookies, chocolate, pies and the like may be officially 'junk', but they won't kill anybody in the short term, and they do wonders for keeping up a crew's spirits.

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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