Secondary depressions

When a depression slows down, generally but not always on the eastern side of an ocean, it frequently trails its long cold front out behind it. The front, which is in effect once again a part of the polar front, is in a susceptible condition for the formation of a wave which will result in a new depression. These secondary depressions are often more violent than their parents. They can also develop with unforecast rapidity. For this reason it always pays to watch the western sky and the barometer carefully for a while when things secni to have cleared up. A belt of cirrus, a halo round the sun, a dip in the air pressure, and hold on to your hat! There's more where the last one came from.

If a low pressure system passes to the southward you may well avoid the frontal systems; the wind pattern will also be very different. Beginning in the south-east, the breeze will back to the east as the centre passes. It will then work round to north of cast and may finally merge with the north-westerly airstream behind the cold front. Weather conditions on the north side of a depression are often less violent than in the frontal department down south, but there is still plenty of wind and rain about. In winter the north-east winds can be particularly severe.

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