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Vortex location

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Fig 6.11 Location of tip vortex o)

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Vortex centre since the downward flow7 on the leeward side separates at the edge and the vortex is moved below the tip. A rounded shape permits the flow to move around to the windward side before it separates. The vortex may then be found on the windward side, not at maximum depth. Fig 6.11 shows that this effect could be even larger for a bulbous keel. A

w disadvantage of the square ending is that separation will also occur at the corners under conditions when lift is not required. In downwind sailing an extra drag component will then appear. This disadvantage may be partly eliminated if ihe tip is made V-shaped and if the corners where the V meets the vertical part are rounded off.

A water-tunnel investigation of four different tip shapes (round, square, V and bulb) revealed that the best shape overall was the V, while

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