Congo, known as the Republic of Congo, is located in the W part of Africa. It is bounded on the W by Gabon; on the NW by Cameroon; on the NE by the Central African Republic; on the E and S by Zaire, which is now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo; and on the S by the Angolan province of Cabinda.

The coast, which is 84 miles long, fronts the South Atlantic Ocean and extends between a position lying 10 miles SE of Pointe Banda (3°49'S., 11°01'E.) and a point lying 19 miles SSE of Pointe Noire.

The terrain is partly mountainous, with a dense forest in the N part.

The climate is equatorial, being constantly hot and humid. There is a long dry season, from May to October, in the SW region. The NE region is more humid, with a heavy annual rainfall.

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