Reporting System SURNAV

The SURNAV system is intended to prevent accidental pollution in the territorial water of French Guiana and the waters within 50 miles of the coast of French Guiana. The regulations are mandatory for the following vessels:

1. Vessels carrying the following cargo:

a. Hydrocarbons, including oil (as specified in Appendix 1 to Annex 1 of MARPOL 73).

b. Dangerous substances (Class A and Class B to Appendix 2 to Annex 2 of MARPOL 73).

c. Certain radioactive cargo.

d. Certain bulk chemical products.

e. Bulk liquefied gas.

2. Vessels providing assistance to those vessels listed in paragraph 1 above.

The reports are prefixed with SURNAV-FRANCE and should be sent to the Head of Marine in Guyana and the Antilles (CMAG). The reports should be sent through a coast radio station. If the vessel is in a port within French territorial waters, the report should be sent through the relevant port authority.

SURNAV messages are sent, as follows: Inbound and outbound vessels:

Vessels intending to enter the territorial limits of French Guiana from sea or to depart from a port or anchorage in French Guiana are required to send a message, the details of which are listed in the table below, prefixed SURNAV-

FRANCE, followed by INFO COMELEMAR CAYENNE, to the CMAG in Martinique 6 hours in advance.

The message should cover the entire time of transit within the territorial waters, even if the vessels leaves and re-enters the territorial waters during the transit. If the message cannot be sent as recommended above, it should be transmitted by any other means possible.

A correction message should be sent to SURNAV-FRANCE if the vessel changes its intentions or if there is a change in its ability to maneuver and navigate.

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