Types of Messages

Type 1 (Sailing Plan).—This report provides the basic information required to estimate the ship's position. It can be sent when the ship joins SISTRAM, when departing from a Brazilian port, or when entering the Brazilian SISTRAM area from other ports.

Preferably, the Sailing Plan will be sent as early as possible prior to entering the SAR area or prior to departure from a Brazilian port. In port, it may be sent as a written document.

Type 2 (Position Report).—This report confirms if the ship departed, or if its position is correct per the Sailing Plan. It must be sent within the first 24 hours after departing from a Brazilian port.

Position Reports can be sent whenever the ship is in heavy weather or under other adverse conditions and at any time interval desired.

Type 3 (Deviation Report).—This report provides information for necessary corrections to the existing Sailing Plan. A deviation report should be sent whenever the ship's position deviates 25 miles or more from the original track, the destination port is changed, or other changes occur which result in changing the Sailing Plan.

Type 4 (Final Report).—The Final Report provides the information which terminates participation in SISTRAM. Accordingly, reports should be sent at least 1 hour before entering the destination port or when exiting the SISTRAM area.

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