Car Rental

Both the British and the U.S. Virgin Islands have developed adequate car rental agencies to cope with the needs of the growing tourist industry.

Prices are slightly higher than on the U.S. mainland, but considering the high cost of freight and the limited life expectancy that vehicles enjoy in the island environment, the differential is not excessive. Most of the major car rental companies have local branches throughout the Virgins and advance reservations can be made through your travel agent.

In addition, many locally owned and operated companies are also represented. If you are chartering during the peak months (December-April), try to reserve well in advance to avoid delays.

All points of debarkation are more than adequately serviced by taxis. The airports and ferry docks are often lined three deep, with the drivers pushing hard to capture their share of the market.

It is common in the islands to see open safari buses, which can carry up to 20 passengers in natural "air-conditioned" comfort. Taxi fares tend to be expensive throughout the islands and taxis are not metered!

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