Customs And Immigration

For visitors entering the U.S. Virgin Is-nds from the United States,there is no ,;.;ioms or immigration clearance, as you are still in U.S. territory. However, you will have to clear back in on your return from this free port area. U.S. citizens are allowed to bring in $ 1200 duty-free every 30 days from the USVI.

Tiiose U. S. visitors sailing from British Virgin Island waters and those entering the British Virgin Islands through the airport or

The U.S. Dollar is the local currency in both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. Since you will be spending a lot of time on stii 11 islands, it is a good idea to keep traveller's checks in smaller denominations.

West End should be advised that proof of citizenship will be required for all members of your party. A birth certificate, passport or voter registration card is the normal I.D. expected. For all other visitors, a valid passport is required.

B VI customs must be cleared upon entry and little problem will be encountered for bona fide sailors. All items carried for commercial use are subject to local duties at the going tariff.

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