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At Tortola Yacht Services Center we specialize in providing professional services and quality products for boat owners. These include hull, spar and rigging repairs, electronic sales and service, Awl-grip refinishing, outboard, inboard and diesel engine sales and service, a woodshop, a machine shop, a sail loft and our own Golden Hind Chandlery.

All services are coordinated by knowledgeable, responsible management.

Our yacht brokerage office is the largest in the Caribbean.

Our 70 ton Travelift can handle up to 23' beam.

We care for your boat We care about you

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...Nestled into a grove of palms It provides two levels for dining, drinking and dancing with a panorama of Cane Garden Bay as a background. On Sundays, Myett's hosts a barbecue buffet with rum punches and reggae music that packs the beach with charter sailors, vacationers and islanders alike, who play volleyball and party past sunset.

Virgin Islands Restaurant Guide & Recipe 3ook

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TORTOLA Cane Garden Bay

Regarded by many as one of the more beautiful anchorages in the BVI, Cane Garden Bay is picture-postcard material, with a white palm-fringed beach stretching the entire length of the bay. When approaching from the west, you will sail past Smugglers Cove, Belmont, Long Bay and Carrot Bay before reaching Cane Garden Bay. If you have any doubt, line up the south side of Jost Van Dyke directly under the peak of Tobago, and this range will bring you to the entrance.


There are two reefs at the entrance to Cane Garden Bay. Entering boats should favour the northern end of the bay. The BVI government has put in place two unlit buoys which simplify the entrance appreciably. Leave the red buoy to starboard when entering.

Once clear of the reef, you'll have plenty of room to anchor.


If there is a slight ground swell, the northern portion of the bay will afford more protection. If the swell is considerable, however, it is recommended that you reschedule your cruise to return a few days later when it has subsided.

When anchoring, keep clear of the buoys designating the swimming area. The bottom affords excellent holdings in 15-25 feet of water.

Owing to the mountains, the wind tends to change directions, so check your swinging room in relation to other vessels.


To avoid any unpleasant surprises from a rising tide, pull your dinghy well up on the beach and lay out the dinghy anchor. Stanley's Welcome Bar caters to charter groups with lobster, fish and steak din ners, and a steel band several nights per week. The Gazebo, a small bar on the beach across the street from Ole Works, features live music Quito Rymer on Fridadys.

Rhymer's Beach Bar on the beach offers lunch and evening meals, and alternates with Stanley's for steel band music. Mooring buoys, installed and maintained by Moor Seacure, Ltd., are availableoff of Rhymer's for an overnight stay and should be paid for in the restaurant.

A leisurely walk towards the western end of the beach brings you past Myett's Bar and Restaurant, a delightful stop with good food and entertainment, to De Wedding at the far end of the beach.

Supplies can be purchased from Call-wood's Grocery Store, Rhymer's and a few other local shops. Mr. Callwood's rum distillery affords the visiting yachtsman a glimpse back into history. White and gold rum is still produced from the cane grown on the hillsides. It is recommended that Mr. Callwood be asked permission prior to your wandering through the distillery, and the purchase of a bottle or two is expected.

Not to be used lot navigational purposes All depths and distances are approximate.

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Brewers Bay

This anchorage is off limits to most charter boats. If you are a bareboat charterer, check to be certain that this anchorage is approved by your charter company.

Without question, Brewers Bay on the north side of Tortola is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Virgin Islands. Fortunately, however, it is seldom used by visiting yachtsmen, owing to its exposure to the northerly ground seas and the extensive coral formations which make access to the anchorage difficult.

During the winter months, it is not advisable to anchor here overnight, and if there is any indication of a ground sea developing, Brewers Bay should not be considered as even a lunch stop.

When entering the anchorage, do so under power. Make sure you have good light in order to read the bottom, and position a crew member on the bow in order to alert you to the presence of coral heads.

There is a reef that fringes the southwest shoreline and another in the centre of the bay. In order to secure a reasonable spot to anchor in, you will have to work yourself up into the southeast corner of the bay, between the reefs, where you can anchor on a sandy bottom in 15-20 feet of water.


While the snorkeling is excellent, time should also be taken to explore ashore. For those interested in a short walk, it would be worthwhile walking up the road to the east, toward Mount Healthy, to see the ruins of Tortola's only remaining windmill. Only the base of the original mill has survived the passing years, along with the broken remains of the old distillery buildings.

The visitor should note the stonework of the mill and the surrounding ruins, as it was common to use local rock together with coral and red bricks, which were used as ballast aboard the ships servicing the Caribbean. Owing to the spectacular view, the surrounding hills are now dotted with new homes, some of them quite magnificent.

Soper's Hole, West End

West End is shown on the charts as Soper's Hole, a protected harbour lying between Frenchman's Cay and Tortola. It is a port of entry for vessels arriving and departing British waters, and a ferry stop between the British and United States Virgin Islands.


Whether you enter Soper's Hole between Frenchman's Cay and Little Thatch or Steel Point and Great Thatch, you will be in deep water at all times. A current of up to 3 knots depending on the tidal flow can be expected. If you are sailing in, then you should cut the points of either Frenchman's Cay or Steel Point as close ■as is possible.

The government dock is located on the northern shore, but yachtsmen are advised not to tie up while clearing customs because of the movement of the ferries. Rather, it is recommended to pick up a mooring and bring the dinghy in.

Along the front of the ferry dock to the northeast corner of the harbour is a shipping lane for tugboats and sand barges— leave this area clear for their operations.


The harbour is so deep in places that yachts will find themselves in 60-70 feet of water. The best place to anchor is in the northeast corner, where the water depth is 20-35 feet on a sandy bottom.

There are, however, moorings off of the Sunsail Marina in the southeast section of the bay, which are maintained regularly by Moor Seacure. These moorings may be picked up and paid for at the Sunsail Marina office ashore.

The sandbar is being dredged for a new marina on the east shore, and yachts anchoring on the bar should do so with caution. Moorings are also available in the vicinity of the West End Slipway and are marked accordingly. Be advised not to

anchor in the way of the slipway, as they need ample room to operate the railway and maneuver vessels during adverse wind conditions.

West End Slipway has a 200-ton railway for repairs and modifications to just about any vessel. The yard's specialty is rebuilding wooden boats as well as building new wooden boats.


The West End customs office is located in the building on the ferry dock. Some supplies are available from the grocery and snack bar across from the customs building and from the Ample Hamper. Taxis to Road Town are available in abundance when the ferries come in.

On the southeast side of the harbour you will find the two-story Pusser's Landing, featuring waterfront dining in two restaurants and bars, an outdoor terrace and the Pusser's Company Store. Downstairs offers a more casual ambience, with

Do you really want to worry about FOOD when you get to these beautiful, remote places?

PORT PURCELL and WICKHAM'S CAY II (next to the Moorings) PHONE: (809) 494-4649 / (809) 494-6999 • FAX (809) 494-2089

Dial ISLAND FAX (404) 399-3077 • Select Code #1136...For More Information.

an open air bar, outdoor dining on the terrace and the Company Store, which carries a unique line of Pusser's own sports and travel clothing, watches, luggage and nautical accessories. Upstairs is an elegant, indoor-outdoor dining room, offering a spectacular view of Soper's Hole and the islands beyond. Pusser's is open 7 days a week. Call on VHF 16 for reservations or more information.

Other restaurants close to West End include the hotels on the north shore of Tortola, such as Long Bay Hotel, Sugar Mill Hotel, Smuggler's Cove, The Apple, Sebastian's, Frenchman's Cay, Kelly's Bar and the Jolly Roger (home of the West End Yacht Club Wednesday evening race series).

Soper's Hole now enjoys a cluster of fanciful pastel West Indian buildings known as Soper's Hole Wharf, housing some terrific shops. The Sunsail Marina at Soper's Hole (formerly Soper's Hole

Marina) is a full service marina in 25 feet of water. It is home to Sunsail's fleet of 70 bareboat, crewed and flotilla charter yachts as well as the Sunsail Sailing School. The marina offers dockage with water and electricity, fuel and guest suites for overnight accommodations. The marina monitors VHF 16 and is conveniently located next to the Ample Hamper gourmet provisioning shop.

Island Treasures will delight you with their collection of unique, handmade West Indian artifacts and treasures, from fine art to screenprinted fashions.

Sea Lion is a boutique with tropical wear, novelties and gifts. Zenaida carries wonderful textile products in a variety of textures and colors. A short walk away is Walter's Superette, offering a variety of provisions.

A dinghy passage behind the sandbar, between Frenchman's Cay and Tortola, affords good fishing at either end.

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