Packing For The Cruise

Almost without exception, most sailors coming to the Virgin Islands for a week's sailing bring far too much gear. Try not to carry hard suitcases as they do not stow easily on a boat. If possible, use duffel bags or sea bags that can be folded up when not in use.

if you are travelling from the northern climates during the winter months, try to shed your heavy overcoats and boots prior lo Awarding the airplane. You will only have to carry them around for the duration of your stay in the islands.

Lay out everything you intend to bring and ask yourself if you really need each item. During the days aboard the boat, you will need only bathing suits and perhaps a cover-up, shorts and a few casual shirts or blouses. If you intqnd to eat ashore at resorts like Caneel Bay, Little Dix and Peter Island, include a jacket and tie for the men and a light cocktail dress for the ladies. Otherwise, in most island restaurants, casual slacks and shirts are acceptable. You will need some reef shoes for wading in shallow water or coral and several T-shirts.

You may wish to include an inexpensive snorkel for each crew member... using a second hand snorkel can be like borrowing someone else's toothbrush.

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