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Although it may seem difficult to comprehend as you dig your car out of the snow to get to the airport, the tropical sun is hot, especially on pale bodies that have been kept undercover throughout a northern winter.

The constant trade breezes keep the temperature pretty much ideal, but be careful noi to spend too long out in the sun, as the combined effect of overhead tropical sun and reflection from both sails and water can cause severe sunburns.

Most charter yachts are equipped with bimini tops; however, it is still a good idea art from an abundance of clothing, then are a few items that don't make any sense to lug back and forth:

A) Scuba gear — If you have your own regulator, face mask, etc., fine, but don't bring down weight belts and tanks. They are available for rent from any outlets and dive shops throughout the islands and will save you the hassle of lugging them around.

B) Food items — Once again, unless you have special dietary needs, these items are readily available throughout the islands and the marginal savings on some frozen steaks could be offset if the box thaws or goes astray.

to bring along a pair of lightweight or surgical pants and tops if you have access to them. These will enable you to cover up.

If you are fair, then perhaps you should think about a wide-brimmed hat.

Suntan lotions are available throughout the islands. Heed the warnings of dermatologists regarding excessive sun exposure and do not go out into the sun without using an appropriate sun block or coverup. Start with at least SPF-15. If you are careful, you will gradually develop a rich, golden tan without suffering a painful and potentially dangerous sunburn.

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