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'The Last Resort is one giant flash of recognition for all the bareboat charterers assembled —It's about us and our dream cruises. Snell's brand of humour comes out of the same school that gave the world Sellers, Milligan, Flanders and Swann. His show is a sort of Goon Show Goes to Sea. His mission is to make everyone laugh whose dream cruise has had at least one moment when it wasn't so dreamy. The Last Resort should be the mandatory last stop for ail us seagoing dudes."

NOWI29 Moorings Available -Victoria Carkhuff

English-Style Food Served Buffet-Style • Open for Lunch & Dinner Top Entertainment Nightly • Gift Shop • Excellent Value i (Book ahead to avoid disappointment.)

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RESERVATIONS 809-495-2520, Ch. 16. MasterCard, Visa, American Express accepted.

holding ground is excellent in some places but poor in others. New moorings are a great addition to Trellis Bay. Beware of underwater obstructions in areas less than 10 feet deep (in the eastern and southern parts of the bay). The area south of Sprat Point is shoal and should be avoided. A sandbar extends due south of Bellamy Cay; take care when passing over in the dinghy.

All vessel captains should note that an underground telephone cable marked by three buoys runs from Conch Shell Point to the building on Bellamy Cay; take care not to pick it up with the anchor.


The Last Resort on Bellamy Cay is an absolute must on a cruise around the Virgins. Run by Englishman Tony Snell, his wife Jackie and donkey Vanilla, the Last Resort offers excellent value in buffet-style food and Tony's own brand of entertainment. You will find this evening of hilarity and song unforgettable. Ashore is their gift shop, the Pit Stop, where ferry service to Bellamy Cay is available for those driving to Trellis Bay.

The Conch Shell Point Restaurant can be reached leaving your dinghy by the dock past the public phone, and walking up the small path to the right. Owned by the Dawson family, this restaurant has an excellent reputation for both the food (West Indian and continental) and the service.

For those who wish to learn to windsurf, the BVI Boardsailing School is located on the beach to the south of Bellamy Cay. Windsurfing has become increasingly popular in the Virgin Islands. The steady winds combined with the consistency of the weather provide an excellent learning environment.

Located on the south shore of Trellis Bay is the Beef Island Guest House with bar and snack bar De Loose Mongoose. Drinks, lunch, snacks and ice cream are available from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Try their rum punch called the "No-see um."

Anouk's Designs Workshop, next to the boardsailing school, offers a variety of handcrafted costume jewelry. Ask Anouk and Guy to show you how they create their crafts.

On the beach near the government dock is Flukes Designs workshop and gallery. You are welcome to visit the artists at work, handpainting T-shirts, pictures and maps. Other local crafts are also on display.

If you find you are running out of anything, provisions are available at the brightly coloured Trellis Bay Market. The North Sound Express ferry shuttles guests to North Sound from their dock here convenient to the airport.

de loose MONGOOSE


Enjoy our beach, bar, restaurant, cozy rooms and great food before and after your charter. • Happy Hour Every Day • Saturday Night Pizza 0 Sunday BBQ

For Guest Reservations or Information: Phone: (809) 49S-2303 -Fax: (809) 495-1611~VHF CH. 16

Trellis Ba\

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