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Waterfront Drive Road Town Tel: 42608



The Best-Known Waterside Bar & Restaurant In The Islands.

Lunch and Dinner Featuring Great Salads, Island Cuisine, Grilled Steaks, Fresh Fish and Daily Specials.

• Tuesday Night

All You Can Eat Pasta and Free Movies on the 100" Screen Wednesday Night Trivial Pursuit

• Thursday Night Prime Rib Special

• Friday Night 5-7 Free Hot Wings Live Music 6-9



Personalized Service And Meticulously Maintained Yachts From 32'-51'

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Quality Boats Guaranteed Monthly Income For Qualifying Boats

Ashore in Road Town

colourful stamps of this tropical country.

You may wish to get caught up on the news at home with a New York Times or a magazine from Esme's Shoppe on the Square. Get yourself a fresh-baked treat at Sunrise Bakery while you read your newspaper. Visit the Virgin Island Folk Museum, situated in a quaint, West Indian building, and examine the artifacts from days gone by.

Handcrafted silver jewelry is a specialty of Samarkand, across from the colourful clothes of Bonker's Gallery Boutique. The Sea Urchin features island sports and beachwear, while Kaunda's Kysy Tropix carries video tapes, cassettes, cameras and thatextraroll of film you may need by now.

Kids In De Sun will help you outfit your children for life in the tropics. You can get your crew matching, embroidered shirts at Personal Touch. Ooh La La carries toys, games and assorted frivolities. Caribbean Handprints specializes in silk-screened clothing and accessories.

Across the street is the Pusser's Company Store and Pub. This is a delightful, air-conditioned pub where you can cool down with a beer or lemonade and a deli sandwich or pizza. If you haven't tried a Pusser's Painkiller, this may be the time!

When going ashore in Road Town, it is important to observe the local dress code, which prohibits swimwear, brief attire and shirtless males. In order to avoid embarrassment, please cover up.

The BVI Tourist Office and Information Service is located at the east end of the waterfront, across the street from the new government building. The Immigration office is located across the street from the Customs building, west of Banco Popular Bank. When the new government administration building is complete, it will house most of the different government departments.

Road Town has some beautiful old West Indian buildings, complete with red tin roofs and Victorian dado work around the porches. A walk down Main Street east from Peebles Hospital will reveal all sorts of delights tucked away behind newer buildings or squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder along Main Street.

Most of the shops are clustered along Main Street from Sir Olva Georges Square to the bottom of Joe's Hill.

A visit to the Philatelic Bureau of the post office across the street from the Square should be a must-stop for anyone who would like to take home a collection of the exotic,

The Company Store carries a unique line of Pusser's own sports and travel clothing, watches and chronometers, luggage and nautical accessories.

Around the corner you will find Flaxcraft, which features hand-crafted gold, silver and coral jewelry. The Carifta Shop carries an assortment of clothing and accessories for women. Don't miss Sunny Caribbee Herb and Spice. Situated in a delightful old' West Indian House, the shop carries specially packaged herbs and spices from the islands.

Another great memento to bring home is a coral sculpture from the Courtyard Gallery. The exquisitely carved birds, fish and shells of the islands are sure to please. Little Denmark, another unique gift shop. Housed in an old West Indian building, perched above a huge boulder, is Smith's Gore real estate company.

Her Majesty's Prison is a somewhat interesting edifice, and one we hope you'll never have to see from the inside. St. George's Anglican Church is another lovely landmark worth a visit.

Continuing past the church, you will find Joe's Hill Road, which leads up to Mount Sage or over to Cane Garden Bay. Past that is Sunday Morning Well.

If you 're still feeling energetic, be sure to stop at the J.R. O'Neal Botanical Gardens, across from the police station by the tamarind tree. It is a refreshing stop away from the hustle and bustle of Road Town. The gardens feature a beautiful, exotic variety of lush, tropical plants.

Coming in to Road Harbour from the sea, you will see an old, purple Victorian building with white trim. This is the Bou-gainvillea clinic, affectionately known to the locals as the "Purple Palace." Dr. Tat-tersall, who specializes in plastic surgery, is well known for both his surgical skills and his sailboat racing skills.


With the world's largest charter fleet in our waters, we know what you need to make your charter hassle-free. WE'VE GOT THE BEST BRANDS - THE BEST PRICES.


Fort Burt Marina



Because of the scattered formation of the Virgin Islands, the inhabitants, by necessity, became expert boat builders, specializing in small, light craft that were ideal for these sheltered waters.

The unique skills that the West Indians learned from the 18th-century Navy have been preserved, virtually unchanged, to the present day, and "Tortolan Sloops" are still launched with regularity.

Because of the scattered formation of the Virgin Islands, the inhabitants, by necessity, became expert boat builders, specializing in small, light craft that were ideal for these sheltered waters.

The unique skills that the West Indians learned from the 18th-century Navy have been preserved, virtually unchanged, to the present day, and "Tortolan Sloops" are still launched with regularity.



There is a sccret place perched on a headland overlooking the Sir Francis Drake Channel. It is a placc known to locals. A place to be discovered by the lucky traveler. Just a 10 minute drive east of Road Town or a half day sail from anywhere in the B V.I., Brandywine Bay Restaurant is the ambiance of Tuscany on a Caribbean island. Specialties includc Beef Carpaccio, Homemade Mozzarella, Mussels Arrabbiati, Portobello Mushrooms, Bistecca alia Fiorentina and fresh Grilled Fish.


Open Monday to Saturday from 6:30 pm Reservations are Requested Moorings available for dinner guests Anchorage is 8' to 10' draft

Tel: 809 49 52301 or VHF Ch. 16

Brandywine Bay

This lovely curve of a bay is carved out to the east of Road Harbour and provides a comfortable overnight anchorage in the usual east / southeast moderate trade winds, but can have a surge if the wind moves around to the south.

Brandywine Bay is tucked in behind a reef that extends out from both sides of the land. The opening between the two sections of reef is wide and safe for entry in the center between the two reefs, with a depth of at least 10 feet. The entrance is easy enough to see in reasonable light. As a landmark to locate Brandywine Bay, look for the "Greek temple" - an imposing building with a columned facade, situated on top of the headland, immediately to the east of the bay.


Brandywine Bay Restaurant, situated on the headland to the east of the bay, in front of the Greek temple, and overlooking the Sir Francis Drake channel, maintains three moorings for dinner guests. These moorings are located in the center of the bay directly in line with the entrance to the hay. The southern-most mooring is in the deepest water, while the mooring closest to the northern shore is in approximately 7- 8 feet of water. The restaurant monitors VHF Channel 16 after 2 p.m., and is available by telephone all day for reservations and in structions for mooring. If you choose to anchor, select a spot in the center of the bay to the east or west of the line of moorings, where shoal water that extends from all shores. If there is a surge, usually caused by a southerly wind or generally very rough local conditions, you may want to use a stern anchor in order to keep the bow of your boat facing the entrance of Brandy wine Bay.


As you face the row of apartments on the water edge on the eastern side of the bay, the dinghy dock is located about 50 yards to their right. Once ashore, follow the pathway to the left of She dock to where it meets the concrete road on Brandywine Estate, and then it's just a short walk up the hill to the restaurant.

For dinner only, Brandywine Bay Restaurant offers al fresco dining on cohble-stone terraces, Davide and Cele Pugliese are your hosts in this international restaurant with a distinctive Florentine flair. Dinner reservations are requested.



Including GuA^jA, G^EAT CAMAWO^, £ SceuB ISLAND Soumdimgs Iw Felt At Low Wate.£.

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Not to be usyd 'or navigational purposes. Ail dernlhs and distances are approximate.

NOW you can have it all

Charter from the best company located in the best location

TRUE PARADISE - Maya Cove VHF- Channel 12

Come, meet our staff, inspect our immaculate fleet and relax in the most beau tiful cove on Tortola.

Join us at our restaurant, browse in our boutique and load up with ice, water and fuel.

We also have one of the most extensive spares inventory in the industry.


Maya Cove, Tortola British Virgin Islands


2 Thorncliffe Park Drive Unit 20

Toronto, Ontario Canada M4H 1L6 Tel: (416)696-9711


Maya Cove

Maya Cove, or Hodges Creek, as it is shown on the charts, is approximately a half mile west of Buck Island on the southeastern shore of Tortola. Sheltered by the reef, it is always cool and free of bugs.

Tropic Island Yacht Management operates its fleet of yachts from this protected haven.


If you are approaching Maya Cove from the west, it is well to remember that the reef extends from Whelk Point to the buoyed entrance and the northeastern end of the reef. Entry should be attempted only under power.

Now that the cove is so well buoyed, it has become redundant to put in a range on which to enter. The buoys are easy to see and are lécated under a promontory of land approximately 75-100 feet high. The channel is marked with two sets of red and green buoys. Proceed through the centre leaving the red buoy to starboard. At the second green buoy you will be making a turn to port, which will lead you to the harbour.


It is imperative when anchoring that you do not obstruct the channel after entering.

The main anchorage is to the south of the channel in 7-12 feet of water with a sandy bottom. Don' t go too far back into the southwestern corner of Maya Cove, as it shoals off rapidly. A new marina in the western section of the bay has been started. The completion date and list of facilities are not yet available.


Tropic Island Yacht Management operates a fleet of yachts, as well as a restaurant and boutique for your shopping pleasure. Visiting yachtsmen are welcome and may purchase ice, water, fuel and showers, and use the USA-direct telephones. Underwater Safaris has a direct hotline available from here. Moorings can be paid for ashore.

On the dock is a restauran t open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The gift shop is at the head of the dock. This is a lovely spot to sip a drink and listen to the waves break on the outside of the protecting reef.

Buck Island

There is a small anchorage in 7-10 feet of water on the western shore of Buck Island. Very few yachts anchor here. In certain sea conditions it can be very roily, but most of the time is an ideal anchorage.

Take care not to go too far toward the northwest tip of the island, as the bottom shoals rapidly. There is no passage between Buck Island and Tortola except by dinghy with the engine tilted up.

Fat Hog's Bay

Fat Hog's Bay is located north of Buck Island between Beef Island Channel and Maya Cove. This beautiful, well-protected anchorage is conveniently situated in the middle of the cruising grounds and is perfect for overnight anchoring.


Fat Hog's Bay is easily accessible from Sir Francis Drake Channel by leaving Buck Island to port and going between the green can (leave to port) and Red Rock. Head directly to the Seabreeze Marina dock or pick up a mooring. Average depth from Red Rock to Seabreeze is 8

feet with good holding ground and excellent protection behind the reef. Call ahead on channel 12.


Facilities include water, ice, fresh-water showers, fuel dock, overnight dockage for boats up to 51 feet and mooring buoys. Visitors may stop in at The Bistro for a light snack, full meal or refreshing drinks. There is also a boutique at the marina selling anything from postcards to island prints. Hotel accommodations are also available at the marina.












Trellis Bay, Beef Island

Located on the north shore of Beef Island, Trellis Bay was once a major anchorage in the BVI, with a hotel, large marine railway and jetty. The railway and hotel have since been abandoned, and the jetty is now used by the boats servicing Marina Cay. The anchorage is well protected even in adverse weather conditions, and its proximity to the airport makes it ideal for embarking and disembarking passengers.


Entering Trellis Bay from the north, stay to the east of Conch Shell Point to avoid the submerged rocks. These rocks are marked by a red buoy, which should be left to starboard as you enter the bay.

If entering from the east, take care to locate the two rocks to the north of Sprat Point. Leaving them to port, enter Trellis Bay halfway between Bellamy Cay and Sprat Point.


Good anchorage is available off either side of Bellamy Cay in 10-20 feet of water. Do not anchor within 200 feet of the western shore of the bay to leave a channel for the frequent ferry boats and cargo vessels. The

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PW Yniki

'I'rellis Bay

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