H vane

There are four alternative approaches:

1 Manual: The locking device is released, the vane support is positioned by hand and the locking device is then tightened again (Sailomat). This method involves a crew member working right at the stern, which may be unpleasant or even dangerous at night. There is no scale to indicate the position of the vane relative to the wind.

2 Toothed wheel and chain: The vane is positioned using a toothed wheel and chain arrangement similar to that on a bicycle. This method allows infinite adjustment and can be adapted to allow remote control (Monitor). Again no scale is provided.

3 6° increment toothed wheel and latch: The vane is adjusted by rotating a toothed wheel into the correct position before engaging a latch (Aries). The wheel turns in increments of 6°, which is often far too coarse going to weather, and the whole arrangement is heavy and fiddly to use.

4 Worm gear: The vane support is positioned using an endless worm gear (Windpilot Pacific). This system is easy to operate and lends itself to remote control. An additional advantage of a worm gear is that it can be fitted with a scale to show the angle of the vane to the wind, making it easier to set the course.

The vane can be adjusted for different wind strengths as explained in the H vane section. Remote control is handy not only for convenience but also for safety - nobody enjoys dangling off the back of the boat in the middle of the night trying to make course adjustments.

The infinite remote control, with its scale in degrees, its easy to read on the Windpilot Pacific

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How To Have A Perfect Boating Experience

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