Installation position

It almost goes without saying that the only place for a servo-pendulum gear is the centre of the transom. Symmetrical mounting is essential for smooth operation, and offset mounting, for example to avoid a swim ladder, never yields satisfactory results. All boats generate slight weather helm as a function of design, so windvane gears are almost always called upon to turn the boat away from the wind. The inherent geometry of a servo-pendulum gear dictates that the pendulum swings out to weather, i.e. towards the high side, in order to bear away. If the system is mounted to one side the pendulum arm ends up much further out of the water when that side is the high side and will come right out of the water during a big course deviation. Extending the pendulum arm merely transfers the problem to the other tack, when the rudder shaft will be submerged along with its blade, creating more drag.

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