Use with hydraulic steering

Double rudder systems only function properly with hydraulic wheel steering if the flow of fluid in the hydraulic system can be completely and reliably blocked. Any leakage, however slight, makes the main rudder susceptible to deflection by wave action or water pressure and therefore renders it useless for fine-trimming the course and countering weather helm. Double rudder gears rely on the lateral surface area of the main rudder; they can only steer the boat as long as the main rudder stays in its set position.

Hydraulic systems sometimes incur damage and develop leaks while underway. The only solution if this happens on an extended voyage is to fit the emergency tiller and then lash it in place with lines, either above or below deck, to hold the main rudder in place.

Above right and left: The 1998 Pacific Plus has 'Quick-in, Quick out' linkage between the pendulum and auxiliary rudders

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