In writing this book I have drawn on the experience of many of my friends, particularly those who have sailed on routes which I have not. Norma and Chester Lemon, who circumnavigated both the Pacific and Indian Oceans on Honeymead, and Ilia and Herbert Gieseking of Lou V, now on their second world voyage after circumnavigating on Lou IV, have written many informative letters about the routes they have sailed. A similar special mention must also go to Muriel and Erick Bouteleux for information on routes covered during their circumnavigation on Calao. Other circumnavigators whom I wish to thank for their contribution are: Liz and Bruce MacDonald of Horizon; Marg and Bob Miller of Galatea IV; Julie and Doncho Papazov of Tivia; Waltraud and Robert Bittner, formerly of Vamos, now sailing on Lorebella; Kjell and Marit Heiberg on Makiki III; Phil and Doris Tworoger on Jolly II Roger and, more recently, on Jolly II Roger II.

My thanks also to other long distance voyagers who have supplied information on specific areas or topics: Sandra and Paul Ewing of Maamari; Gunter Gross of Hagar the Horrible; Peter Noble of Artemis; Kim Prowd of Tarrawarra; Margaret and Charles Pickering of Keegenoo; Pierre Ribes of Sphinx; Nina and Juan Ribas oiAbuelo III; Frances and Bill Stocks of Kleena Kleene II; Saskia and John Whitehead of Cornelia; Captain John Rains for his valuable tips on passages between California and Panama.

I am most grateful to Chris Bonnet of the Ocean Sailing Academy, Durban, for the wealth of information he supplied concerning sailing conditions in South Africa waters.

I would also like to thank the following for their help in various ways: the librarians at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich; National Bureau of Standards, US Department of Commerce; the US Defense Mapping Agency; the Minories staff of Kelvin Hughes Ltd, Admiralty agents for charts and nautical publications; the Cruising Association; and the Seven Seas Cruising Association.

On both sides of the Atlantic I have been very fortunate in being able to resort for valuable advice on many matters to two friends whose professional life is dedicated to nautical publications: Milt Baker of Bluewater Books & Charts, in Fort Lauderdale, and Julian van Hasselt of Kelvin Hughes, in London.

Grateful thanks are also due to Janet Murphy, my editor at Adlard Coles Nautical, for never failing to deal promptly and imaginatively with the many queries raised by a workaholic author.

This book, like others of my often too ambitious projects, could not have been accomplished without Gwenda's wholehearted support and dedication. As always, my most grateful thanks must go to my lifelong friend and partner.

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