AN Azores to Gibraltar

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AN 1340 Delgada 37'44'N, 25r40'ty

plplplliitl 37'42'N, 25'22'W AN 1343 St 36°00'N, 6°00'W AM 3-14 JcY\:z 35D59'N, 5°36'W

36a08.5'N, 5'22'W

Marina Bay sewnsww


AN13-2 3:a .Va-is 36'56'N, 25'00'W

AN 1343 Strait AN 1344 Tarifa

AN1345 Gibraltar

Marina Bay


Directions as far as Cape St Vincent are the same as those for AN133 and similar weather conditions can be expected until the route comes under the influence of continental weather. East of Cape St Vincent, the Portuguese trades are normally lost and winds become more local in character. On summer days, a SW sea breeze occurs on approaching the Bay of Cadiz. This wind comes up around noon and lasts until midnight. If a strong Levanter is predicted in the Strait of Gibraltar, it is advisable to wait for a change in one of the ports along the Algarve coast (Vilamoura), Costa de la Luz (Mazagon, near Huelva), or Bay of Cadiz (Puerto Sherry). Another convenient port is Barbate, which is not far west of Tarifa and is the closest to the Strait. Alternatively, one can find some shelter in the lee of Tarifa Island itself. The latest weather information, as well as other shipping news, can be obtained from Tarifa Radio, which operates a 24-hour service in both Spanish and English.

Two convenient ports from where to depart the Azores are Ponta Delgada, on Sao Miguel, or Vila do Porto, on Santa Maria. In the former case, a direct course for the Strait of Gibraltar can be set from WP AN1341 south of Ponta da Gar^a, on Sao Miguel's south coast. If leaving from Santa Maria, take your departure from WP AN1342 off that island's Ponta do Castelo. A direct course should be set to WP AN1343 in the approaches to the Strait of Gibraltar. From there, sail due east to WP AN1344, two miles south of Tarifa Island by staying inshore of the westgoing shipping lane. A course parallel to the Spanish coast will take one into the Bay of Gibraltar. The reporting dock for customs and two of the marinas are easiest found by making for WP AN1345 off the North Mole. Detailed directions for negotiating the Strait of Gibraltar are given in route AN16 (page 44).

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