AN Azores to Ireland

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June to July

BA: 22, 27, 40.67 US: 140, 142, 143 Cruising Association Handbook.





Distance (M)

AN1310 Horta 38'32'N, 28'37'W

AN1311 Graciosa 39"00'N: 27"55'W

AN1315 Cork 51'45'N, 8'17'W

Crosshaven 51'48.5'N, 8"17.5'W


AN1312 Delgida 37'44'N, 25'40'W

AN1313 Arnel 37'50'N, 25'05'W

AN1315 Cork



AN1314 Fe 37'52'N, 25°52'W

AN1315 Cork



The same general directions apply as for route AN132, but as destinations in Ireland are more westerly than those in the English Channel, the suggestion to sail due north on leaving the Azores does not have to be followed slavishly as it does not matter too much if some leeway is made to the west. This can be corrected later with the help of the westerlies that normally prevail in higher latitudes. Calms are sometimes experienced in the vicinity of the Azores, particularly in July and August, when the Azores high reaches its maximum pressure of the year. Calms and light variable winds might also be encountered en route, so one should leave with a good supply of fuel. With the exception of the odd sunny day at the start, the weather along this route is invariably grey, wet, and cold.

Boats leaving from Horta should pass close to the western extremity of Sao Jorge and then set course for WP AN1311 one mile SE of Ilheu de Baixo, a small islet off Graciosa's SE extremity. A northerly course can then be set to pass east of Graciosa. In strong SW winds, shelter can be sought at the well protected port of Praia (39°03'N, 27'58'W), on Graciosa's east coast, although such winds should really be used to advantage.

If leaving from Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel's south coast should be followed as far as Ponta do Arnel, its easternmost headland, to WP AN1313 from where a course can be set for one's destination. In strong NE winds, it is better to sail west on leaving Ponta Delgada and take one's leave from the Azores at WP AN1314 off Ponta da Ferraria at the NW extremity of Sao Miguel. Landfall is made at WP AN1315, in the approaches to Cork Harbour, one of the best protected ports on the south coast of Ireland. Entry formalities are completed in Crosshaven.

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