AN Bermuda to Canada

Weather conditions for this route are similar to AN121, although the optimum time for sailing it is somewhat later. One added complication is that at the beginning of summer passages to ports in Newfoundland can be affected by ice. Fog is yet another consideration on these routes and these factors limit northbound passages to the high summer. Favourable conditions can be expected at this time because of a high proportion of SW winds. Earlier passages, at the end of May or in June, may also benefit from favourable winds, but a careful eye should be kept on the weather and should there be a gale warning, the course should be altered to their departure at WP AN1212 off North Rock. Because of the multitude of destinations and resulting routes, only landfall waypoints for the main destination have been given, AN1213 SE off Brenton Reef, for boats bound for Newport, or AN1214 at the entrance into the south channel leading into the Chesapeake Bay. For those not familiar with the USA, who are sailing there at the beginning of the summer season, a useful tip is to start their cruising as far north and east as possible, so as to benefit most from the warm weather and also the reduced risk of hurricanes, and then work their way gradually to the south.

avoid being caught on one of the banks where the strong wind will generate very rough seas. Similar action should be taken if there is a threat of a northerly gale while riding the Gulf Stream.

Taking WP AN1221 north of Bermuda as a departure point, a direct course (AN122A) leads to WP AN1222 in the approaches to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Leaving from the same waypoint AN1221, the course for St John's, Newfoundland (AN122B), uses WP AN1223 SE of Cape Race, as an intermediate point before course is altered for WP AN1224 off Cape Spear in the approaches to St John's.

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Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast, Cruising Guide to Newfoundland.




Distance (M)

AN1220 St George's 32'22'N, 64'40'W Knule AM22B AN1220 St George's

AN1221 North Rock AV2P2 off Halifax 32e30'N, 64'50'W 44'25'N, 63'25'W

AN1221 North Rock AN1223 Race 46"25'N, 53'10'W

AN1224 Spear 47'30'N. 52'39'W



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