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KiiuUr WI21A


AN1210 St George's

Summer passages to most ports on the US east coast normally benefit from pleasant weather and the only thing to spoil the picture is the risk of tropical storms whose tracks pass too close to Bermuda for comfort. Such storms, however, are kept under such close observation from the moment they start forming that warnings are usually given long before they are likely to strike. Nevertheless, passages during the months with the highest frequency of hurricanes, from August to the end of October, should be avoided. Safer pas-

themselves felt as far north as 40 °N. Under such circumstances, even the accepted practice of heading north to pick up the prevailing westerlies would make no difference.

Passages to the United States are very much a matter of luck as they can be fast and comfortable with southerly winds, or a hard beat if northwesterly winds are generated by a depression passing to the north. Because of the north-setting Gulf Stream, passages to ports south of Cape Hatteras are a difficult undertaking. However, the Gulf Stream does not affect passages to the Eastern Caribbean, which are best undertaken at the change of seasons, betweeen the middle of November and early December.

sages, in both directions, can be made in late spring and early summer. The high frequency of SW winds in summer should provide good sailing conditions to most ports lying north of Cape Hatteras, but this is rarely the case. Even in May and June, the weather can often turn quite rough and the worst conditions have been recorded in the area of the Gulf Stream. The passage of cold fronts from continental America produces unsettled weather, which is often accompanied by violent rain squalls. This can be particularly dangerous in the

May to June June to November BA:4403

Cruising Guide to the Atlantic Coast, Cruising Guide to the New England Coast.





AN1211 Bermuda W AN1213 Brenton Newport 651

32'12'N. 64°50'W 41'24'N, 71'16'W 41'29'N, 71'20'W

AN1214 Chesapeake 615

AN1212 North Rock AN1213 Brenton Newport 32'30'N, 64'50'W AN1214 Chesapeake

634 607

Gulf Stream, when a strong wind blows against the equally strong current and therefore the Gulf Stream should always be crossed at right angles to minimise the time spent in it. A ride in the Gulf Stream should only be attempted if the weather is settled.

Depending on weather conditions on leaving Bermuda, the island can be left either to port or starboard before course is set for one's port of destination. If a SW course can be sailed after leaving the island, the point of departure will be WP AN1211, SW of the island and well clear of all dangers. Boats going around the north of Bermuda and leaving the island to port will take

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