AN Cape Verde Islands to Lesser Antilles

Iii -1 11 Mi :

Tropical storms:


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Cruising guides:

The Lesser Antilles, Sailor's Guide to the Windward Islands. Yachtsman's

Gmae to Vie Windward Islands.


W'w point«»:

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hitmm-diaU* Landfall

Di fil ¡nation Distance i\li

AN620 Säo Vicente


16°53'N, 25'00'W

'A G3'N. 6C 50'W

14 04 5'N. 50 55 5'IV

AN022 i/artin'ous



14 22X30 5T\V

AM623 BaroacJos

AN62-'- Aligue SE



:c 57'n 6' -5'W

row, i31 4c'\V


Columbus was first to see the attraction of these islands as a better springboard for a trade wind passage across the Atlantic than the Canaries and he set off on his third voyage to the Caribbean from here. The advantage of this route is not only that the actual transatlantic passage is shorter but also that the Cape Verdes are situated for most of the year in the heart of the NE trades. Fast passages are usually logged by boats starting off from the Cape Verdes provided their course does not dip too far south into an area where the trade winds become less constant. A great circle course is usually the best route to take across. More detailed directions for the transatlantic passage are given in route AN51 (page 72).

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