AN Gibraltar to Portugal






Distance MO

AN350 Gibraltar

AN351 Camera

36'08'N, 5r22'W

36"03'N, 5°25'W AN352 Tarifa

35C59'N ,5'36'W



35*59 N.S*5'.V

AN354 Hoyo

36"03'N, 6'20'W

AN355 Huelva

AN356 off Vilamoura



37°05.5'Nf 6'49.5'W

37'CI'N, 8'07'W AN? 57 V "Cii"'. V,' 3" C'G U 3 05"vV

37'04.5'N, 8'07'W


AN358 S Charit



38C35'N, 9°20'W

38'41.5% 9'12'W

Directions for negotiating the Strait of Gibraltar are given in routes AN31 and AN32. From WP AN353, which clears the shallows off Ponta Paloma, set course for WP AN354 so as to stay outside the shallows off Cape Trafalgar. From this point the course becomes NNW and runs across the Bay of Cadiz through shallow waters that rarely exceed 60 feet. A hazard to watch out for along this coast are the large tunny nets, which are supposed to be buoyed and marked by a fishing boat, but often are not. For this reason it is not prudent to sail too close inshore, especially at night. The trip can be broken at Mazagon, at the river entrance into Huelva, from where Columbus left on his historic voyage to the New World in 1492. A new marina is now operating at the river entrance from where it is possible to visit the various sites associated with Columbus in Palos and the surrounding area. The entrance to the river is clearly marked by a light tower and the river is well buoyed. WP AN355 is the landfall buoy one mile SE of the river entrance.

If a strong Levanter is blowing in the Strait of Gibraltar, easterly winds will continue into the Bay of Cadiz, although of diminished strength. Otherwise, on summer days, there will be an alternation of breezes, a sea breeze from the SW starting around noon to be followed by a lighter land breeze from the NW.

The Algarve coast has witnessed a huge development in recent years and landmarks can be confusing. The entrance into Vilamoura marina is n^t easy to spot to those not familiar with the area, but WP AN356 about one mile south of the entrance, should help locate it. Boats bound for the west coast of Portugal should set course for WP AN357,5 miles WSW of Cape St Vincent. From that point strong northerly winds can be expected during summer, but as there is an abundance of good ports along the entire Portuguese coast this section can be easily covered in short hops.

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