AN Jamaica to Central America and Mexico

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Cruising cuiues: Waypoints:

April to May, November to December June to November

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Cruising Guide to the Northwest Caribbean, Cruising Guide to Belize and Mexico's Caribbean Coast


Intermediate Landfall

Destination Distance (M)

RmiU-A\(U*V Montego Bay

18'28'N, 77'56'W

AN1081 Swan 16'55'N, 84'00'W


16'28% 85'54'W Belize City 17'30'N, 8810'W

Montego Bay

AN1082 Grand Cayman 19"25'N, 81"05'W

AN 1083 Yucatan SE 21 50% 85°10'W


Kuuti* WLOfcfC Montego Bay

AN1084 Sur 21 MON. 3? -2"W

Mujeres : 2115% 86'45.5'W


Westbound routes from Jamaica benefit from both good winds and a favourable current during most of the year. The best time for passages along these routes is the transition months of April-May, before the hurricane season, or November before the onset of winter northers, which may be felt west of Jamaica and can seriously affect weather in the Gulf of Mexico and, to a smaller extent, further south.

Boats leaving from ports on either side of Jamaica and bound for the Bay of Islands in Honduras (AN108A) should set course for WP AN1081 south of Swan Island. A convenient place to clear into Honduras is at Guanaja. The route to Belize also passes right by Swan Island. To reach Belize City

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