AN Lesser Antilles to ABC Islands

Boats leaving from Grenada normally sail directly to Pampatar, on the SE coast of Margarita Island, the nearest official port of entry. The route passes dangerously close to Los Testigos, a group of low islands surrounded by shallows and reefs, which should be given a wide berth unless planning to stop there. More dangers will be passed on the way to Margarita, such as the low island of La Sola. So this passage, although short, should be treated with due caution.

Best time:

December to May

Tropical storms:

June to November

Gi \:;t*i:



US: 147, 148

Cruising guides:

Cruising Guide to Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and Bonaire.



Intermediate Landfall Destination

Distance t\h

AN721 Grenada

AN722 Roques Kralendijk


12'02.5'N, 61'46'W

12°10'N. 66C40'W 12'09'N, 68'17'W



12C07'N, 68'56'W



12'31'N, 70'00'W

The former Dutch colonies off the coast of Venezuela are easily reached from any of the Lesser Antilles as both wind and current are in one's favour virtually throughout the year. If coming from Grenada, from WP AN721, outside St George, a course should be set for WP AN722 to pass at a safe distance north of Los Roques islands off Venezuela.

Approaching Bonaire from the north, Bonaire can be passed on either side. Although sailing down the west side will save a few miles, the strong contrary current will cancel any advantage. Boats coming from the east should stay south of the island and go straight to Kralendijk to complete formalities. The customs dock is the northernmost dock in the commercial harbour. It is also possible to clear in at Bonaire Marina. Bonaire has a Venezuelan Consulate where visas for that coun-

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