AN Lesser Antilles to Venezuela

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December to May June to November

Cruising Guide to Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and Bonaire, Street's Cruising Guide to the Eastern Caribbean - Venezuela.




Distance (M)

AN710 Grenada AN711 Testigos 12e02.5'N, 6.1'46'W 11'30'N, 63'00'W

AN'712 Margarita iroo''ss'W

Pampatar 11WN, 63'47'W

This relatively short passage benefits from favourable winds throughout the year. Sometimes in winter, between January and March, when the trade winds blow strongly, conditions can be rough. Better conditions are experienced at the change of seasons when winds continue to be favourable, but are usually lighter than in winter. On all westbound passages allowance should be made for the strong Equatorial Current which can set westward at rates of up to 2 knots.

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