AN Madeira to Canary Islands

Best time: May to October

Tropical storms; None

Charts: BA:3133

Cruising guides: Canary Islands Cruising Guide, Atlantic Islands, Madeira Cruising Guide.



DiitiiniK 1 V/i

Route AMIA

Route ANU1Î AN410 Funchal

Route AN4IC AN410 Funchai

AN411 Salv. Grande AN412 Isleta 30r10'N, 15°45'W 28C09'N, 15'23'W

AN413 Saiv. Pequeña AN414 Anaga 30'00'N. 16'15'W 28'36'N, 16'07'W

AN415 Graciosa 29'25'N, 13'35'W

Las Palmas 283

23Q-.5N 15 25 51V

Santa Cruz de Tenerife 252 28 29.5'N, 1612.5W

La Sociedad 29'13.8'N. 13'30'W

This is normally a fast downwind run, particularly during summer. After the beginning of October, although northerly winds are still most common, winds from other directions increase in frequency. From November onwards strong SW winds occur at times and rough seas are encountered between the two island groups. A favourable current of approximately 1/2 knot is normally experienced on this passage.

The direct route passes very close to the Salvagem Islands, a group of uninhabited islands lying halfway to the Canaries and straddling the 30th parallel. The course for Gran Canaria (AN41 A) passes between the two islands and, unless sailing by in good light and weather, the course should be altered to pass at a safe distance to the east of Salvagem Grande, such as WP AN411, as there are a number of dangerous rocks close to the islands. From there the route continues towards WP AN412 in the approaches to Las Palmas.

The direct course for Tenerife (AN41B) passes through WP AN413 at a distance of some 10 miles west of Salvagem Pequena. Landfall is made at WP AN414, off Punta de Anaga, the NE point of Tenerife. From there, the course runs parallel to the coast to the newly established marina inside the fishing harbour, some 3 miles north of the capital Santa Cruz.

The course for Lanzarote (AN41C) passes at a safe distance to the NE of the Salvagem Islands. The small island of Alegranza, north of Lanzarote, can be passed on either side by boats going directly to Arrecife. For those who prefer to stop first at Graciosa, landfall should be made on the west side of the latter by setting course for WP AN415 about 5 miles NW of Graciosa, before entering Estrecho del Rio, the channel separating Qraciosa from Lanzarote. Although not a port of entry, boats may stop for a short time at La Sociedad, the main port and settlement on Graciosa, before proceeding to Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, and clearing in there.

Those intending to stop in one of the Salvagem Islands must obtain a special permit, which is issued in Funchal by the Department of Fisheries within the Autonomous Government of Madeira. In bad weather, yachts are allowed to anchor in Enseada das Cagarras (30°08.3'N, 15°52.2'W) on the SW side of Salvagem Grande, but access ashore is only allowed to those in possession of a landing permit. There are wardens stationed on both islands and they can be contacted on VHF channel 16.

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