AN Madeira to Portugal

harbour of Santa Maria, the most southeastern Azorean island. The harbour provides good shelter from all directions except the south.

If times allows it, a visit to Porto Santo will provide a slightly better starting point. In such a case, from WP AN431, off Porto Santo's SW point, the route passes on the weather side of Madeira Grande. This should be passed at'a safe distance as in strong northerly winds its north coast is a dangerous lee shore. Landfall will be made at WP AN433, in the approaches to Vila do Porto.

be sailed to Northern Europe. Having sailed around the eastern extremity of Madeira, a rhumb line course, from WP AN442 off Ilheu de Fora to WP AN443 off Lizard Point in the approaches to the English Channel, passes some 60 miles west of Cape Finisterre. Persistent northerly winds are a feature of summer and so this passage should be planned for middle or late spring when there is a better chance of favourable winds.

Best time:


Tropical storms:





Cruising guides:

Atlantic Spain and Portugal.

Best time:

March to May

Tropical storms:



BA: 4011 US: 120


BA: 1.22, 27, 67 US: 140. 143, 191

Cruising guides:

Cruising Association Handbook, Shell Pilot to the English Channel vols. 1 &

2, Adiard Coles Pilot Pack 3.





Destination Distance (M)

AN440 Funchal

AN441 Garajau

32'37'N. 16'54'W

32'38'N, 16*50^

AN442 Fora

AN443 Lizard

Falmouth 1180

32,45,N, 16'38'W

49,55,N, 5J10'W

50*09.5'N, 5°04'W

Waypoints :j

Departure Intermediate



Dhliiutr i\)j

Rnulc AV15\

AN451 off Porto Santo

AN452 S Channel



33a03'N, 16'15'W

38'35'N, 9'20'W

38'41.5'N, 9'12'W

Kuuti' WJMi

AN451 off Porto Santo

AN453 off Vilamoura



37'03'N, 8'08'W

37'04.5N, 8'07'W

Mainland Portugal lies to windward of its offshore dependency for most of the year and therefore this passage is best undertaken before the onset of the NE winds of summer. At the beginning of summer, before they become fully established, these winds blow in spells of a few days at a time, so it is worth waiting for a lull before leaving. A spate of strong NE winds is sometimes followed by one or two days of calms, when it may be possible to gain some useful mileage by motoring. The occasional front, which may generate SW winds, can also be used to one's advantage.

Whether bound for Lisbon (AN45A) or Vilamoura, on the Algarve coast (AN45B), Porto Santo makes a better starting point than Funchal.

From WP AN451, east of Porto Santo, the direct course to Lisbon crosses an area of shallows in the vicinity of the Gettysburg Seamount, which should be avoided in strong winds because of breaking seas. Boats bound for Lisbon should set a course for WP AN452, close to the entrance into South Channel that leads through an area of shallows at the mouth of the Tagus River. The Portuguese capital lies approximately 8 miles upstream on the north shore of the river.

The direct course to Vilamoura also starts off from WP AN451, off the east coast of Porto Santo, and leads to WP AN453, one mile SW of the entrance into the marina.

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Cruising guides: Waypoints:

April to May None BA: 4104 US: 104 BA: 1,67 US: 143 Yacht Scene.





main m. (M)

AN461 off Funchaf ' 32'42'N, 16'38'W

AN463 Espartei • 35'52'N, 6'00'W AN464 Palo.-M 35'59'N, 5'45'W AN465 Tarifa 35*59' N, 5°36'W. AN466 Carurà 36;03'N, 5l25'W

AN467 Gibraltar 36'08'N, 5'22'W

Marina Bay 36'09'N, 5'21'W


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