AN North America to Mediterranean

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Yacht Scene, East Spain Pilot, Mediterranean Cruising Handbook.




Distance (M)

AN1422 Nantucket 40'30'N, 69'30'VJ AN1423

40J00'N. 55'00'W AN1424

40'00'N, 20'00'W AN1425 Vincent NW 37'00'N, 9'08'W AN1426 Hoyo 36'04'N, 6"20'W AN1427 Tarifa 35°59'N, 5'36'W AN1428 Carnero 36°03'N, 5"25'W


Most of the suggestions made in route AN141 are also valid for passages to the Mediterranean. However, as better conditions can be expected around latitude 40 "N, the route should stay as close as possible to this latitude. From the point of departure, such as AN1421 off Brenton Reef, a course should be set to pass through waypoints AN1422 and AN1423. In late spring or early summer the initial course should not go above 39 °N. Depending on weather conditions, the crossing should be made on or close to this latitude to WP AN1424. Having reached that point, the course can be altered for WP AN1425, 7 miles WSW of Cape St Vincent. For the rest of the passage, detailed instructions are given in routes AN124 (page 137) and AN16 (page 44). The latter should be consulted for details on tactics for negotiating the Strait of Gibraltar. Boats bound for the Mediterranean should also consult route Mil (page 449).

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