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Reaching the Atlantic coast of Colombia from neighbouring Panama is not easily accomplished at any time of the year on account of the contrary wind and strong current. A convenient stop en route is the San Bias Islands, which belong to Panama. The route then cuts across the Gulf of Darien to Cartagena, an attractive historic town, which has become the most popular port of call among cruising boats visiting Colombia. From WP AN970, at the entrance to the Panama Canal, a first course should be set for WP AN971,10 miles N of

Punta Manzanillo. The course is then altered for WP AN972 in the approaches to the port of Cartagena. The area should be approached with caution because of the dangers in the approaches to Cartagena. Also avoided should be the silted Boca Grande as the dredged entrance is Boca Chica, identified by a landfall buoy, close to the end of Isla de Tierra Bomba. An 8 mile long channel leads northward through the shallow Bahía de Cartagena to the commercial port and two marinas.

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