AN Virgin Islands to Florida

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November to May June to November BA:4400 US: 403 BA: 69, 70, 71 US: 140.147

Cruising Guide to Eastern Florida. Intermediate_Landfall


Distance (M)

Route ANSfiA

AN860 St Thomas 18'20'N. 56'W

Roulu A.NSfiH

AN860 St Thomas

AN861 Culebrita 18'22'N, 65'08'W AN863 Abaco 26'50'N, 76'30'W AN864 Bahama 27'30'N, 78°00'W

AN861 Culebrita AN862 Providence 25'40'N, 76'50'W

-St Augustine 1134

Fort Lauderdale 974

For boats bound for Florida there are several alternative routes to choose from. Between April and June, the most direct route runs in a NW direction parallel to the Turks and Caicos Islands as well as the Bahamas as far as Great Abaco (AN86A). This offshore route benefits from strong winds throughout the winter months and also the favourable Antilles Current. More benign conditions will be experienced at the change of seasons, in April and May. Directions for this route are similar to those for both AN85 and AN87C to which reference should be made. Boats bound for ports in South Florida can follow route AN86A as far as Great Abaco island where route AN86B

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