AN Virgin Islands to Turks Caicos

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Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas, Island Expedition: The Turks and Caicos. Turks and Caicos Chart.




Destination l)i<hm,r (Mj

KoiiU* AVS4A

AN840 St Thomas 18'20'N. 64'56'W

RonU* A VS4H

AN840 St Thomas

AN841 Culebrita 18'22'N, 65'08'W

AN841 Cuiebrita AN843 Borinquen 18'35'N 67'10'W AN844 Mouchoir 20'35'N. 71°00'W

AN842 Turk 21e35,N, 71'00'W

Cockburn Town 21'28% 71'06'W Cockburn Harbour 21'30'N. 7V3VW

404 424

Cockburn Town Cockburn Harbour

429 438

There is a choice of two routes for this passage. The offshore route AN84A leaves all banks (Navidad, Silver, and Mouchoir) to port and keeps well clear of all dangers. Route AN84B stays south of the banks and runs closer to Puerto Rico. The offshore route is both easier to navigate and benefits more from the favourable current. The best time for passages on either route is at the change of seasons, but even at the height of the winter trades, the only inconvenience will be the occasional strong wind.

On leaving St Thomas, and having cleared Savana Island, off its western extremity, make for WP AN841. From this waypoint, just north of the light on Culebrita Island, route AN84A makes for WP

AN842,12 miles NE of Grand Turk. The course is altered there to enter Turks Passage and make for Cockburn Town, the main settlement and port of entry on Grand Turk. Alternatively, one may prefer to cross over to Cockburn Harbour, on South Caicos.

The southern route (AN84B) also takes its departure from WP AN841 from where the course leads to WP AN843 off Cape Borinquen. The route then runs in a NW direction south of Navidad and Silver Banks to WP AN844, SW of Mouchoir Bank. From there the course is altered to pass at a safe distance SW of Sandy Cay, at the southern entrance into Turks Passage.

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