AN West Africa to Azores

Bis i ÏI\U: Tropical storms: Charts:

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AN631 Vert 14'45'N, 17'35'W

fiÄiraiililÄi! Ponta Delgada

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As explained in route AN61, NE winds predominate in the area south of the Azores and passages should therefore be timed for a period when the proportion of such winds is lowest. Starting off from one of the West African ports, as opposed to the Cape Verdes, has the obvious advantage of a better angle in relation to the prevailing winds, so unless one has a very good reason to stop in the Cape Verdes, the valuable easting should not be lost.

If leaving from Dakar, the recommended route passes east of the Cape Verdes, and should the need arise, the island of Sal (16 °45'N, 23 WW) is in the most convenient position for a landfall. It can be assumed that the trade winds will be lost around 25 8N from where it should be easier to make the necessary northing. North of latitude 30°N the winds and weather are very much dependent on the position of the Azores high. If this lies further south than its usual seasonal position, light

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