AS Brazil to Tristan a Cunha

Best time:

November to March

Tropical storms:




US: 22


BA: 2, 5

US: 121,123,124





Destination Distance (M)

AS220 Rio



Edinburgh 1820


30500rS, 35C00'W

36°55rS, 12'25'W

37'03'S, 12'18'W

As the great circle route from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town passes through an area of variable winds, navigators are advised to set a more SW course on leaving Rio de Janeiro so as to reach the area of prevailing NW and W winds sooner. Such a route passes close to Tristan da Cunha. From WP AS220, SE of Rio de Janeiro, a course should be set for WP AS221. From there the course can be altered for WP AS222, some eight miles NW of Tristan da Cunha. If this passage is made at the beginning of summer, in October or November, westerly winds are usu ally found in latitude 33 °S or 34'S and it may not be necessary to go south in search of steady winds. As the summer progresses, the belt of variables moves south and in February or March it may be necessary to go as far as 37°S to find steady westerlies. The winds in these latitudes are usually 20 to 25 knots, occasionally reaching 40 knots.

The island's port of entry is Edinburgh. The small harbour is only suitable for the small local boats, but an anchorage can usually be found in the lee of the island.

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