AS St Helena to Brazil

Rather than take the direct route from St Helena to the Eastern Caribbean, many boats make a detour to Brazil before rejoining their NW route. One of the main attractions on Brazil's NE coast is Salvador, commonly referred to as Bahia, whose annual Carnival is a keen rival of the more famous Carnival of Rio. Landfall is made at WP AS132 off Cape Santo Antonio in the approaches to the perfectly sheltered natural harbour. Further up the Brazilian coast, another convenient port of entry is Recife. Landfall can be made at WP AS133, 3 miles outside the harbour.

Boats not intending to stop in mainland Brazil often use the island of Fernando de Noronha, off Cape Sao Roque, as a convenient stop on the way to the Caribbean. Landfall can be made SE of the island at WP AS134. Although not an official port

Atlantic, which can make landing difficult. Ascension Island is a British military base and yachts are discouraged from calling there unless they have an emergency. Because of its military nature, yachts may only stop in Ascension for 48 hours. Formalities are completed in Georgetown and the anchorage is at Clarence Bay. Yachts are supposed to anchor in the area north of Pierhead, in Clarence Bay.

of entry, boats are allowed to make a short stop there. A convenient port of entry into Brazil, just south of the equator, is Fortaleza. Those intending to stop in mainland Brazil must arrive with a valid visa which is required of most nationalities. Route AT21 gives details of the rest of the route to the Eastern Caribbean (page 172).

The weather on this route is mostly pleasant, with consistent E and SE winds that very rarely reach gale force. Between March and September the winds along the Brazilian coast are predominantly SE and the current sets NE. Between October and February the prevailing winds are NE and the current sets to SW, a combination making northbound passages very difficult. During this period it is recommended to either keep well offshore or plan one's arrival for the favourable season.

Tropical storms: Chart*:



All year None BA: 4022 US: 22 BA: 2, 5 . US: 123, 124


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Distance (M)

AS13- Helena is'sirs^so'w

AS132 Bahia 13'05'S, 38'25'W

Salvador 12'58'S, 38'30'W


AS13- Ho lend iiiiyftifiÉflii

AS 133 0"f Rüdfu 8°00'S, 34'49'W


8'04'S, 34'52'W


AS131 Helena

AS134 Noronha S 3'50'S, 32'28'W

3a43'S, 38'29'W


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