AT Cape Verde Islands to Brazil

Brn ri\n:

Ccrooci -c rjbfjj!»-

Tropical storms-.



BA: 42*5.4202 US: 22,106

LS: 143



Jjj/r ¡'¡actuate

/ andfalt

Ihst ¡nation



AT151 Noronha N



3'40'S, 32'28'W

3 4D'S. 38 27 W

3'43'S, 38'29'W

AT 150 Vicente

AT151 Noronha N

8'04'S, 34'52'W


AT 150 Vicente

AT151 Noronha N

AN154 Bahia

Salvado1 12'58'S, 38'30'W


Suggestions regarding the optimum point for crossing the equator are given in AT20. If the destination in Brazil is between Cape Sao Roque and Cape Frio, the equator can be crossed further west than the recommended crossing points for routes which continue towards South Africa. However, the equator should not be crossed further west than 30 °W, as this might mean beating against the SE trades south of the equator unless this passage is made between October and February, when NE winds prevail between Cape Sao Roque and Cape Frio.

During the favourable season, the winds along the Brazilian coast are NE and the current sets SW, making it easy to reach any port along this stretch of coast. Between March and September the winds are predominantly SE and the current sets NE. This makes it necessary to make southing well off the coast and attempt to make landfall to windward of the port of destination. Coming from the north it is advisable to plan to arrive in the more southern ports between October and February, when the winds are NE, and sail up the coast during the rest of the year, when the SE trades take over.

The rocks of St Peter and St Paul should be approached with extreme caution as they are often difficult to see until very close to them. Depending at which point the Brazilian coast is approached, a popular first stop is Fernando de Noronha, a small island off Cape Sao Roque. Those planning to stop there should make landfall NE of the island at WP AT151. Although not an official port of entry, boats are allowed to make a short stop there. A convenient port of entry, just south of the equator, is Fortaleza. Other landfalls and possible destinations listed are Recife and Salvador.

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