AT South Africa to Azores

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January to April

BA:4022. 2127

Azores Cruising Guide, Atlantic Islands.




Distance (M)

AT230 Table N 33'55'S, 18V23'E

AT231 Helena 15 5-5'S, 5 43 ■// AT232 Ascension 7'56'S, 14'25'W AT233 Verde 16*30'Nf 26*00'W




The great circle route from Cape Town to the Azores runs close to both St Helena (route AS11) and Ascension (route AS12) and few boats pass those islands without stopping briefly. If no stop is intended, the great circle route should be taken from Cape Town to one of the longitudes recommended in AT10 where the equator should be crossed. As most of the passage in the South Atlantic is made in the SE trades, steady winds can be expected almost all the way to the equator. From Ascension, the route continues in a NW direction towards the equator which is crossed further west during the northern winter and further east in summer. The recommended longitudes are between 26 °W and 28 °W in December to February, 22 °W to 25 "W between June and September. The latter period coincides with the SW monsoon, when it may be better to cross the equator more to the east and take a route between the Cape Verde Islands and the African coast to take advantage of the SW

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