Acknowledgements viii

Preface to Second Edition ix

Explanatory Note x

Introduction 2

1 Route planning 4

2 Principal world cruising routes 8

3 Winds and currents of the world 15

Atlantic Ocean

4 Winds and currents of the North Atlantic 33

5 Routes in the North Atlantic 37 AN10 Routes front North Europe 38 AN20 Routes from Portugal 48 AN30 Routes from Gibraltar 54 AN40 Routes from Madeira 64 AN50 Routes from the Canary Islands r 70 AN60 Routes from the Cape Verde Islands and West Africa 80 AN70 Routes from the Lesser Antilles 85 AN80 Routes from the Virgin Islands 96 AN90 Caribbean routes from Panama 106 AN100 Routes in the Caribbean Sea 117 AN110 Routes from the Bahamas and Florida 124 AN120 Routes from Bermuda 133 AN130 Routes from the Azores 141 AN140 Atlantic routes from North America 150

6 Transequatorial routes in the Atlantic 162 AT10 Southbound routes 163 AT20 Northbound routes 171

7 Winds and currents of the South Atlantic 180

8 Routes in the South Atlantic 182 AS10 Routes from South Africa 182 AS20 Routes from South America 187

Pacific Ocean

9 Winds and currents of the North Pacific 195 10 Routes in the North Pacific 200

PN10 Routes from the West Coast of North America 200

PN20 Pacific routes from Central America and Mexico 207

PN30 Routes from Hawaii 216

Routes in the Far East 225

PN40 Pacific routes from Singapore 225

PN50 Routes from the Philippines 231

PN60 Routes from Hong Kong 236

PN70 Routes 'from Japan 242

PN80 Routes from Micronesia 249

11 Transequatorial routes in the Pacific 255 PT10 Transequatorial routes injthe Eastern Pacific 255 PT20 Transequatorial routes in the Central Pacific 265 PT30 Transequatorial routes in the Western Pacific 271

12 Winds and currents of the South Pacific 278"

13 Routes in the South Pacific 283 PS10 Routes in the Eastern South Pacific 285 PS20 Routes in Eastern Polynesia 292 PS30 Routes in Central Polynesia 298 PS40 Routes in Western Polynesia 308 PS50 Routes in the Central Pacific 317 PS60 Routes from New Zealand 325 PS70 Routes from Southern Melanesia 336 PS80 Routes from Northern Melanesia 344 PS90 Routes from New South Wales 349 PS100 Routes from Queensland 354

Indian Ocean

14 Winds and currents of the North Indian Ocean 361

15 Routes in the North Indian Ocean 364 IN10 Routes from Southeast Asia 365 IN20 Routes from Sri Lanka 371 IN30 Routes in the Arabian Sea 376

16 Transequatorial routes in the Indian Ocean 381 IT10 Northbound routes 381 IT20 Southbound routes 391

17 Winds and currents of the South Indian Ocean 395

18 Routes in the South Indian Ocean 398 IS10 Routes from Australia 399 IS20 Routes from Indonesia 406 IS30 Routes in the Central Indian Ocean 408 IS40 Routes in the Western Indian Ocean 413 IS50 Routes from the Mascarene Islands 419 IS60 Routes from Africa 424

Red Sea

19 Winds and currents in the Red Sea 429

20 Routes in the Red Sea 431

RN Northbound routes 432

RS Southbound routes 437

Mediterranean Sea

21 Winds and currents in the Mediterranean Sea 442

22 Routes in the Mediterranean Sea 445 M10 Mediterranean routes from Gibraltar 448 M20 Routes from the Balearic Islands 453 M30 Routes from Mediterranean France 456 M40 Routes from Sicily 460 M50 Routes from Malta 466 M60 Routes from Greece 471 M70 Routes from Port Said 476 M80 Routes from Cyprus 481 M90 Routes from Israel 486

23 Panama and Suez Canals 489

Bibliography 495

Cruising Guides 497

Index of routes 499

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