IN Oman to Red

Best time: 1

January to March

Tropical storms:

May to June, October to November



BA: 4705

US: 705


BA: 64

US: 172

Cruising guides:

Red Sea Pilot.





Destination Distance (M)

IN321 Raysut SW

IN322 Fartak

IN323 Yemen SE

Aden 611

16'53'N. 53j'58'E


12'44'N, 45"00'E

12'48'N, 44'58'E

IN321 Raysut SW

IN322 Fartak

IN324 Tadjoura

Djibouti 722

11'40'N, 43'13'E

11*36.5% 43'07.5'E

Excellent sailing conditions prevail during the K'E monsoon, January and February being the best months to head for the Red Sea. Because of a higher percentage of calms near land, the initial course from Raysut should lead offshore. The proportion of SW winds increases towards the end of March when a contrary current also starts making itself felt parallel to the Arabian coast. The passage should not be undertaken during the SW monsoon, when strong headwinds make it almost impossible to reach the Red Sea along this route. During the transitional period between monsoons, the area is subject to tropical storms.

From WP IN321, three miles SW of Raysut, an initial course is set for WP IN322, south of Ras Fartak. The route runs parallel to the coast all the way to Aden as far as WP IN323 in the approaches to Aden. Boats bound for Djibouti will continue to WP IN324 south of the Musha Islands in the Gulf of Tadjoura, in the approaches to the port of Djibouti. See IN31 for further details on both Aden and Djibouti.

Best time: , Tropical storms: Charts:


May to June, October to November BA:4071

BA: 38, 64 US: 172, 173





Destination Distance (M)

IN331 Tadjoura 11'40'N, 43'13'E

IN333 Socotra N 13'30'N, 54C00'E IN334 Eight 7a50,N. 73:00'E

1N336 Gafle W 6'01'N, 80'13'E

Magalle 2256 6'01.9'N, 80'13.7'E

IN332 Yemen SE 12'44'N, 45*0(TE

IN333 Socotra N IN335 Nine N V5VH, 72'00'E

IN336 Gaüe W

Magalle 2148

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