IN Western Malaysia to Thailand

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October to November. April

Sail Thailand, Phuket and Malacca Straits Guide.





Distance (M)

IN121 Penang N 5'30'N, 100a15'E

IN122 Langkawi SW eWN, 99'45'E

Bass Harbour Ö'IS'N^'SO'E


IN 121 Penang N

IN123 Langkawi W 6'15'N199*40,E IN124 Butang 6'34'N, 99'24'E

IN125 PhuketS 7J47'N, 98=25'E

Ao Chalong 7'49'N. 98e21.5'E


The best season for this route is during the NE monsoon, when the weather is most settled, although winds for this northbound passage are not always favourable. The main cruising attraction on Thailand's west coast is the island of Phuket and the surrounding area.

Boats leaving from Georgetown, Penang's main town and harbour, should use North Channel to reach the open sea. As most northbound boats stop in Langkawi on their way to Thailand, from Penang and WP IN121 the course leads to WP IN122 off Tyson Strait, which opens into Bass Harbour. Whether stopping in Langkawi or continuing

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